Discover your inner beauty

Find your true self through the art of dance at Goddess Ballroom, Inc.

Grow, thrive and feel good about yourself - learn to dance! Dance is a great way to express yourself, lose weight and stay in shape. Private and group lessons are available for students of all ages so call today for more information.

Get in touch with your soul

At Goddess Ballroom, Inc. learning to dance involves more than just physical movement - it involves spiritual growth as well. We want to see you grow and enhance your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Call us today for more details.

Learn the art of dance:

  • Group Lessons  - Ballroom, modern, jazz, stretching
  • Private Lessons  - Ballroom, modern, jazz, stretching, wedding lessons
  • Miscellaneous  - Dance attire and accessories, image classes, etiquette and poise classes for children, stretching classes, other forms of fitness

All ages welcome - call 551-655-5522.

Dance Lessons - Bergen County, NJ - Goddess Ballroom, Inc.

Private & Group Sessions

Call 551-655-5522.

All Ages Welcome!

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